heynahncyy: Hi hi! I'm so glad I found your tumblr today, it's full of pretty treasures ❤. If you could check out my tumblr, I would really appreciate it :).

Oh my thank you!! & your blog is BEAUTIFUL. Definitely followed. :)

fashionablyelegant: Oh my goodness, I love, love, love your blog! It is so gorgeous! I cannot believe I was not already following you! It would mean sooooo much to me, if you could give me some blog advice. Thank you so much! Take care <3

OH MY! THANK YOU! That was so nice of you to say that! :) I’m glad you like my blog! Well, I followed yours and I can say that your posts are awesome. I always look for blogs with clear pictures and I love pictures with good settings like sunsets etc. Also, try to find themes that really highlight your posts and reflects what you see your blog as! You can find theme sites by going to blogs you like and referring to the theme credit! I find awesome, beautiful themes that way! Again, thank you!

dazzling-perfection: Beautiful blog, just followed! Have a lovely day :)

Thank you so much! I appreciate that! & love yours (followed hehe)

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miruna04-deactivated20140522: OMG. Your blog is amazing ❤

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Check her blog out y’all! Super cool.

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WOW THANK YOU! &… OMG. Your blog is stunning. I absolutely love it & followed!! :) xx 

Check her blog out guys! It’s super cute. 

fashionsummer-love: Yes i love the big ones! <3

Oh thank you! Love your blog by the way!

Check her out guys!

chanel-chiic: I agree, the theme is beautiful! Love your blog as well<3

Wow! I’m so happy you like it! Thank you so much!!! :))))))) 

Followed by the way, your blog is gorgeous!

prettymindful: Oh my gosh I love your blog! So gorgeous and your theme is actually perfect.

Wow! Thanks so much!!!! I wasn’t sure about the theme haha!

Followed you by the way! Your blog is so beautiful and luxurious! I LOVE IT!

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Why thank you!! Followed your blog by the way. :)))))) 

mickie-mouse: love the new theme, your blog is perfect ♥

Wow. Thank you so much! I worked very hard on it and tried to make it unique. :))

chic-princess: Happy new year, dear Em. May all your wishes come true. Love you and your blog is just as perfect as always. :) <3

Wow. Thanks Lacey. It makes me so happy that you like my blog and find it okay. :) I love yours as well. It’s in my Top Sites for Safari. ;) Happy New Year and I hope wonderful things come your way.

Anonymous: Hey girl, I really like your blog! I hope you will be having a great 2014! xo <3

Thanks so much! I wish the same to you. :))

chic-princess: your blog is flawless!!!

OHMYGOSH thank you!!! I am so glad that you like it. I try! :) I love yours as well. :)))